January 2022 Changes

Lo guys,

From Monday 10th of January here are a few changes I am making.

1, Saturday Classes cancelled.

Due to work being carried out on the building over the weekends we are gonna have to cancel the Sat classes. When it's all done we will re-evaluate and get the class put back in place if possible.

2, Monday class starts at 5 pm instead of 4 pm.

Feedback from potential students parents is that 4 pm is too close to school time to get to KMMA. So we are changing the time to 1 hour later, 5 pm.

3, Uniform

Usually, over Summer we allow students to train in our KMMA t-shirt and/or hoody with the martial arts uniform as optional and over the Winter months ask that we wear our full uniform (KMMA t-shirt, hoody and martial arts uniform and belt).

Going forward the martial arts uniform and belt will be optional and our full uniform will be the KMMA t-shirt and/our hoody and will be looking into shorts/joggers. The reason for this is... everywhere and everyone is struggling to get belts and uniforms. In the 35 years, I have done martial arts this has never been the case and we can't let this hold us back!

So, Promotions now will be a Certificate of completion only and a new price of £20 down from £25 per promotion for all stages with Level 1 still being dependant on cost as the student will still be presented with a black belt to wear in training. I will be creating a promotion t-shirt that will show the current grade that you can get if you wish. I have taken a lot of time thinking this through and believe this is the best answer to the lack of stock and I'm sure a price rise.

4, Syllabus change

The way our grade promotions work is a student works through a set group of techniques that are locked to a grade (stage 1 for example) and once completes them, gets their grade promotion. This can be difficult for the student as usually works out like 4 months (ish) of doing the same techniques. I am now gonna unlock the techniques and concentrate on core techniques, striking, break falls, kicking and blocking/evasion and a technique of the month, throws, breaks, ground escapes, pins and attacks... the list goes on lol. This will give the students a wider scope of techniques to practice. I will still be requiring out top-level standards and will look for a promotion to be around every 3 month (ish)

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